Jazz-Heritage with an Innovative Global Approach.

Jazz Explorer Trio, featuring tenor saxophonist Lars Møller, guitarist Thor Madsen, and drummer Jonas Johansen, combines jazz heritage with a global approach to create a unique voice in the contemporary jazz scene. Their music, primarily composed by the band members, blends groovy and bluesy expressions with architectural and emotional beauty, marked by strong improvisational interplay.

Jazz Explorer Trio. Photo by Sarit Dhabani.

India Tours

Since 2016, Jazz Explorer Trio has toured India extensively, performing in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi. They engage in cultural exchange and music education through the Spic Macay initiative, performing for school children and collaborating with Indian classical musicians like Kala Ramnath and Abhijit Banerjee. Another tour is planned for fall 2024.

Tour of Brazil

In August 2019, Jazz Explorer Trio performed at the Savassi Festival in Belo Horizonte and at Jazz Nos Fundos in Sao Paulo, featuring special guest Letieres Leite. Leite, founder of the Afro-Brazilian jazz big band Rumpilezz, added a distinctive flair to their performances, enriching their Brazilian tour experience.

Royal Performance with RagaJazz

In 2023, members of Jazz Explorer Trio performed as part of RagaJazz for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark during their visit to India. The event, hosted by the Danish Ambassador in New Delhi, celebrated the friendship between India and Denmark with music inspired by Indian ragas and Scandinavian jazz.

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Lars Møller (Saxophone): Lars Møller is a celebrated Danish saxophonist, composer, and conductor. As the Artistic Director of the Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra, he has led numerous groundbreaking projects blending Western and global musical heritages. His deep connection with Indian classical music, fostered through years of study in New Delhi, is evident in his projects like RagaJazz. His recent album, “Indigo,” showcases his global musical perspective. larsmoller.com

Thor Madsen (Guitar): Thor Madsen is a versatile guitarist, composer, and producer. He has collaborated with artists such as Norah Jones and Erik Truffaz, and has toured extensively in Europe and the USA. His solo project, Thor De Force, blends jazz, funk, and electronic elements, with his latest album “The Build” receiving critical acclaim. Madsen is also actively involved with the Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra and projects like RagaJazz. thormadsen.com

Jonas Johansen (Drums): Jonas Johansen is a distinguished drummer and composer with over 35 years in the jazz scene. He has collaborated with jazz greats like McCoy Tyner and Joe Lovano, and leads the Jonas Johansen Adventure Trio. His extensive performance history includes playing with notable ensembles and artists across Europe and the USA. His dynamic and emotive drumming style, influenced by global musical traditions, highlights his mastery of rhythm and creativity. jonasjohansen.dk

Concert at RV University, Bangalore.
This was the last and very memorable concert of the India tour in 2023
No PA? No problem, we can be loud and energetic! We were having a blast at Gold Rush Brews, Bangalore 2023.
Explorer trio performing at Savassi Festival 2019. Special guest Letieres Leite on alto flute. Lars Møller – sax, Thor Madsen – guitar, Jonas Johansen – drums.

Jazz Explorer Trio